Over the past seven years, we’ve mastered several bespoke itineraries, visited many countries of the world to find out and help you create an authentic experience that is memorable, showcasing what is unique about the culture of the choosen destination, we organized couple of unique events and we were part of unique exhibitions as invited guest..

Luxury travel agency - Concierge Bleu & Blanc
Engegament planner & destination wedding - Concierge Bleu & Blanc

Luxury travel agency

Our concierge specializes in creating bespoke and unforgettable travel experiences. We work closely with exclusive hotel brands and worldwide private travel agents to arrange every need for our clients throughout their vacation.

Engegament planner & destination wedding

Our event planners  and exclusive partner is experienced at creating unique and exlusive romantic moment of a lifetime such as engagement and wedding is at remarkable location around the world. Our events are 100% custom, strategically designed and curated to celebrate you.